shell NOUN 1) the hard protective outer case of an animal such as a snail, shellfish, or turtle. 2) the outer covering of an egg, nut kernel, or seed. 3) an explosive artillery projectile or bomb. 4) a hollow metal or paper case used as a container for fireworks, explosives, or cartridges. 5) N. Amer. a cartridge. 6) something resembling or likened to a shell, especially a hollow case. 7) the walls of an unfinished or gutted building. 8) a light racing boat. 9) (also shell program) Computing a program providing an interface between the user and the operating system.
VERB 1) bombard with shells. 2) remove the shell or pod from. 3) (shell out) informal pay (an amount of money).
come out of one's shell — Cf. ↑come out of one's shell
DERIVATIVES shelled adjective shell-less adjective shell-like adjective shelly adjective.
ORIGIN Old English, related to SCALE(Cf. ↑scale).

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